Partner with us

Dawson Christie provide services that are complimentary to standard accountancy or financial advice. We have no conflicts of interest as we do not provide other accounting, funding or insurance services. We work on a no-win no-fee basis so there is no risk in engaging us.

We partner with accountants to add value to your business as our R&D tax relief specialists can handle that time-consuming work for you. Dawson Christie can secure large tax payouts for your clients, which in turn can help strengthen their relationship with you.

Flexible service

Our flexible service can compliment the accountancy services you provide and free up your partners to work on other services, thus increasing efficiency.

Our partners can call or meet with your clients to assess whether they are eligible for R&D tax relief and, if so, help to maximise the amount of relief they can claim by helping them to fill out the claim form and collate the necessary information that HMRC look for.

At Dawson Christie, we tailor our service to each individual client, ensuring that we don’t take up any more of their valuable time than is necessary, while at the same time ensuring that their R&D tax claim is maximised.

Start to finish

Client satisfaction is our aim – if clients are happy with our team and our approach they are more likely to give us the full answers we need on their research and development activities in order to fill in their claim and get the maximum tax relief possible.

We can handle the entire R&D tax relief claim process from start to finish, or simply play a role in that process – our flexible approach means we can work to your and your clients’ needs to benefit from the tax incentives on offer.